Tidal lament

In deep serenity she breathes to and fro, shivering in
the glint of a dawn which eases over her, tenderly.
With the cool light of day, her sight is returned and the
shore exposed; a candid truth for which she reaches, craving.
Waves hasten now: reckless, wild in her longing, they stretch
towards forbidden ground with a desire strong enough
to encase the world in her sorrow. Alas, each hankering
cry is stifled by a judicious moon – cold – who wrenches the
spray from her pining waves and the hope from her restless
heart. One step closer, two steps back. She yearns in vain with
stolen glances and imprinted memories of his golden sands
as she drifts – uncontrollably – further away. The sea cries
lonesome, her shore an unabated dream.


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