A Room of Lights, Wherever

Tonight, the light shines so brightly, bouncing off my hair,
dancing around this room, celebrating its freedom in the unusual setting of the night.
Can I say that I need you? Because I do and I
know I shouldn’t because I’m happy in this room of lights and noises
and I’m sure you’re content wherever you are but
don’t you think that we’d be better,
The happiest we could be.
Not Saturday happy, birthday happy, laughing so hard it’s hurting happy.
I think we could be the scary kind
where the happiness is so beautiful and powerful that all I’m thinking is
my God, no one ever take this away from me
everything has to end sometime but please just five more minutes.
We do that, you know, hold on longer even though
it’s hurting more with each second,
but the pain is part of the love and it’s perfect.
From tonight and for the rest of my life I’ll be terrified of losing you and my chest hurts in a way that drowns out
the noises of this busy room.
Because I think we could be the scary happy and without you it’s clear,
tonight, in this room of lights, I need you


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